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When designing and building new gardens, one of the decisions we take with our clients is the type of stone to be used.

There are many choices available and the right one for any garden is a blend of looking right with the existing house materials, such as the colour of the brickwork, and the personal choice of the owner.

We usually suggest to clients that they visit a local stone merchant.

We buy most of our material from Stoneworld in Great Milton. They have a very wide range of stone and extensive displays of built walls and laid paths and patios, so that you can see how they will look.

Our preference is to use natural stone, which looks great and unlike concrete, never loses its colour. Every piece of stone is different and a natural stone built feature has a character and individuality that concrete can never match.

For details of Stone world, please refer to the ‘Links’ page on this website.

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Aftercare of a new garden

The landscaping is finished, the lawn is down and the plants are in, so the garden is completed. Wrong!Regular maintenance is now the key. First, the planting will be immature and weeds will grow in the gaps that the new plants will eventually grow into, even if mulched. Second, many plants will continue to need feeding, pruning and training as they grow, at the right times of year, in order to achieve their full potential. The garden owner must consider whether to do this themselves, or to use skilled gardeners to do some or all of it, depending on time available. This is true even of so-called low-maintenance gardens.A new lawn also needs significantly more than regular mowing. It should be attended to a minimum or 3-4 times a year to scarify (remove thatch, or dead growth, which harbours funghi and other disease organisms); aerate to relieve compaction and maintain good drainage and feed in the spring,summer and autumn to maintain a good supply of nutrients for healthy growth. This will prevent the gradual deterioration of the lawn, ending up, as sadly is often the case, with more moss and weeds than grass. Brannfords recommends a specialist, expert company to carry out this maintenance to the grass, which is not expensive. They can be contacted through the ‘Links’ page on this website. As for the maintenance of the ornamental planting, you can do it yourself or Brannfords will be happy to agree with you a regular visit schedule to keep the planting going in the right direction – and that’s more and more beautiful with every passing year.

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