Art in garden design Print

Among the forms of art in the garden, sculpture, landscape and floral design, will readily spring to mind. We don't expect painting. But why not?

Blank walls are not uncommon in gardens. As gardeners, our first instinct may be to cover them with climbing plants: roses, wisteria, climbing hydrangeas, clematis, Virginia creeper, grapevines and so on. This can be a very satisfactory solution.

How often though do we consider murals? They are perhaps more associated these days with graffiti artists, of whom Banksy must be the best known, at least by his work, if not by his face.

So what form of painting works in a garden? Recently we were faced with some blank walls, which dominated a small garden which we were re-designing and making over. One of them is used by the daughter of the house to practice her tennis shots. Clearly, climbing plants are not the right answer! One of the team of skilled people we work with is the artist Simon Glass. Over the years he has painted many outdoor murals. His solution was to paint a tennis court on the wall. He also composed murals for the two other walls, which completely change their character. 

You can see this creative and delightful work in pictures on this website in its own section under 'Garden Design' on the main menu. Please have a look! We hope you will be as charmed by Simon's work as was our client.