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Art in the garden: Simon Glass' murals

Gardens contain many different art forms, but how often do they include murals?

 Infrequently, perhaps, which is surprising - because they can solve problems, at the same time as looking great.

Here's an example of a problem



We have added a new patio, re-turfed the lawn and added some lovely plants. You can't see most of them in these pictures. What you can see are large expanses of blank wall, which are not only boring, but dominate the rest of the garden and undermine all our other efforts. This is where mural art can offer a solution.

 The transformation begins


Simon Glass is an Oxfordshire artist: among his special accomplishments he numbers outdoor - weatherproof - painting. He's changing the background before creating the whole picture.

Anyone for tennis?

Young Anna, the daughter of the house, likes nothing better than practising her shots against the garage wall. So how will Simon make practice more fun for her?



           The court is being prepared.

The end result



The patio looks out onto a distant hill and the dog is waiting for Anna to take him on a nice long walk.

But she's getting her racket from the cupboard as a brand new court is waiting.



 We still have some tidying up to do - laying the turf in front of the net, but basically, job done!

Just one example of a creative solution. If you have garden problems wanting solutions, we're here to solve them. Just call or email 01844 279430, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it